How Obama Will Rid the World of Child Molesters

Barack Obama appointed a possible homosexual predator named Kevin Jennings as, get this, Obama’s “safe schools czar.”Kevin Jennings says Harry Hay was the greatest influence on his life.

Harry Hay is the greatest hero of the NAMBLA, and now we find out that he praised  Harry Hay that’s the greatest heroic icon of the North American Man Boy Love Association

Sean Hannity was attacked for critisizing Jennings for failing to report homosexual sex between an underage boy and an older man, when Democrats said the boys was actually 16 years old.

Hannity declared “I’m not convinced” that the student was really 16 at the time. “But that’s neither here or there. Jennings was the one who said the kid was 15.” Yeah, and Jennings has since said he made a mistake. What? Pervert Jennings first said it was OK for a boy he believed to be age 15 to have perverted homosexual sex with an older man, but now we are to forgive Jennings because he now thinks the boy was age 16?

Who among us Teaparty Moms would agree with that?

Last weekend a Washington Times editorial slammed the White House for turning a blind eye to the Jennings saga.

We can learn more at the “Safe Schools Czar’s” personal website

Eventually inside the site we learn his personal goal is to advance something called the “Anti-bias Curriculum.” Here is his definition: “Anti-bias curriculum is an approach to early childhood education that sets forth values-based principles and methodology in support of respecting and embracing differences and acting against bias and unfairness.”

In other words, Jennings wants to be certain that the littlest children from the earliest age learn to appreciate the glories of homosexuality.

What! You say I am wrong, that I am biased?

Read from a Kevin Jennings speech in his own words:

In a 1997 speech that Jennings gave, he said, “One of the people that have always inspired me is Harry Hay.” Hay was a longtime gay rights advocate and big supporter of the North American Man-Boy Love Association or the group NAMBLA.

NAMBLA claims its mission statement is to remove the age of consent laws so 18 month old baby boys can legally be the targets of oral sex by filthy old men. That should make our schools safe. If NAMBLA/Jennings are successful and any dirty old man can have homosexual sex legally with the youngest children in school, then according to the NAMBLA law, no crime would be committed. If no crime were committed legally, then 60 year old men having homosexual predations upon little children would be a “safe school.”

Imagine that! Legally the concept of child molester would vanish, since anything goes. That would solve the problems of where sex offender can live. They could all just become teachers, or school custodians, administrators, or even school safety czars.

In fact, in a 1983 speech Hay said, “If the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what 13, 14, and 15-year-old kids need more than anything in the world.”

Might there be one or two Moms who disagree with that?

This blog is not intended to be political, and we despise all the political parties and the Main Stream Media (or as Glenn Beck says “the fringe media”), but we must say:

Barack Obama, get this tainted pervert Kevin Jennings out of any part of the US Government, and especially keep him away from our children and education.”



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Does Florida Have a Future?

All our elected officials are like Obama,they just work at getting elected. Obama is showing that he has no idea how to govern.

Do Alex Sink or Bill McCullough, the two leading candidates for Governor of Florida, do anything other than figure out how to get elected?

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What is Causing the Autistic Babies Epidemic

The US Dept of Health just reported that the number of eight year old children diagnosed as autistic in America has increased by half, yes a 50 percent increase in only two years!

This is absolutely astounding! And unacceptable.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this?

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Florida Teaparty

If anyone is interested in forming a teaparty in Florida please email

We Moms have to take the initiative, expecially now that they are talking about taking away our rights to homeschool our children.

PS Did you read that SEIU sent in 60 union thugs to overpower 6 people having a small teaparty in Tenneessee?

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Cap and Trade Correct Title

The Cap and Trade law should have been titled the “China and India Full Employment Law.”

Our elected morons think that if we go first, the rest of the world will follow us.

Duh! That is only true when we go first on something that makes sense. . . .

China and India have made it clear they will not implement anything like Cap and Trade.

The result is that everything made in America will cost even more, and more jobs will leave America for China and India where companies are not burdened with this tax.

Again, this has nothing to do with any political party or ideology.

This is merely based on common sense.

Cap and Trade means my family income will go down.

We will have less money to educate my children.

My children will have fewer job opportunities.

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Disgust with elected officials!

Congress and all the state and local elected officials are destroying our children’s futures.

As moms we have a duty to improve our children’s futures and get rid of all these stupid corrupt officials who do not listen to us.

As a mom I am creating teaparty moms to save our children, their future and our kids’ education.

Barack Obama thinks we are a blip on the screen that will disappear if he ignores us!

Helpt show him that “just a Mom” is the most powerful force in America by sending a blank email to

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